Welcoming our new London Leaders!


‘London Leaders’ is the Commission’s pioneering pan-London programme designed to demonstrate the power of collaboration and innovation in tackling that sustainability challenges that face global cities such as London.  We launched the programme in 2007 and we have now recruited over 60 Leaders.  Individuals who are selected as Leaders commit to delivering a unique project over the course of a year. 

The purpose of the programme is threefold:

  • To inspire and catalyse positive change
  • To demonstrate sustainability in action
  • To increase London’s capacity for leadership in sustainable development

The London Leaders programme was developed following international research on best practice urban sustainability initiatives, which is summarised in the LSDC publication, ‘A Greater London: making it happen’.

Leadership comes in a variety of forms, and the LSDC supports a diverse group of sustainability leaders who are involved in a range of projects across the capital.  Past London Leaders have included working mums, chefs, teachers, musicians, business-owners and representatives from London’s football clubs.  Whether it’s a pan-London business initiative or a small-scale community project, inspirational and practical actions that deliver tangible benefits is the key.

Our new London Leaders are:

Andrew Dakers – The Wex Factor

Andrew is turning ‘work experience’ into ‘work inspiration’ and helping young people make the right choices as they move from school into employment.

Paul Hocker – ‘Pop-Up’ Natural Play Shops

Where outdoor play spaces are rare, Paul’s project will develop free to use high street locations that give children the chance to experience nature on their doorstep.

Maeve McLoughlin – 600% Engagement

Utilising the amazing creative resources that London has to offer, Maeve will help to take environmental action to the next level, by engaging hearts and minds with creative, thought-provoking and upbeat communications.

Paula Owen – Making London More Sustainable – One Game at a Time

Paula will use the idea of games to encourage people to change their behaviour and habits so they become more sustainable in their everyday lives, bringing fun to the challenge to be greener.

Alo Raptopoulos – Cause You Can Workshops

Alo will deliver a series of after-school workshops for Primary school children in deprived boroughs. Performing arts training – culminating in live performance – is used to build confidence and character, with a view to creating sustainable leadership and aiding social cohesion. www.causeyoucan.org.uk

Zoe Robinson – The Good Wardrobe

Zoe will develop a sustainable fashion website helping Londoners to share information and prolong the life of their wardrobes: the antithesis of fast fashion.  ww.thegoodwardrobe.com

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